7 essential benefits of starting your WordPress blog


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I know for sure that the idea of ​​creating your own blog comes to every person’s mind. Actually, they do this by opening pages on social networks.

This is certainly not a full-fledged blog, but it allows you to share your thoughts with the world.

However, the pages on social networks do not hold up to a full-fledged blog. Over time, you feel the limited possibilities and the oversight that is present.

Therefore, in this article I will tell you how to create your blog on WordPress and explain why on this platform.


What is a blog and how is it different from a website
Technically speaking, a blog is a collection of folders and files synchronized with a database via a Content Management System (CMS). Using programming languages, CMS form blog pages that browsers show to Internet users in a convenient form.

From the point of view of technological implementation, a blog and a website are one and the same. Moreover, both the blog and the site are elements of the logical component of Internet technologies in the “Information Resources of the Internet” group.

The difference between a blog and a website is in the “primary attributes”. I will list the most obvious of these differences.

First, the blog is maintained by the author, less often by a group of authors. In this way, it resembles a personal diary for general reading. The site can be impersonal. It can be led by a faceless “admin”, company, organization, firm.
Secondly, the classics of the genre require obligatory commenting on the blog. Of course, the blog author may be a bookkeeper and may not open commenting. Moreover, the author can create his own blog and keep it for a very limited circle of readers and even for himself alone. However, these are the exceptions rather than the rules.
Thirdly, the blog should have a simplified administration. The author of the blog does not need to know any programming languages. User knowledge should be enough to create a quality blog.
Actually, all of the above features of a blog are easily implemented on the WordPress platform, which was originally created as a blogging platform.

An alternative to WordPress to create your blog
The Internet works in such a way that we all recommend the same, unfortunately. You’ve probably met the “3 Popular CMS” for blogging: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. I hasten to upset you, only CMS WordPress is suitable for a classic blog.

Joomla CMS is definitely a popular system in absolute numbers. In some countries, including ours, she is in the top five leaders.

However, it is difficult to administer. There are too many management tools, they are unnecessary and even get in the way of blogging. Its ideal purpose is a corporate website, and for a large company.

In addition, there is no commenting tool in the boxed version of Joomla, which is necessary and necessary for a blog.

Drupal. Above, I argued that there should be a very simple setup and administration system for a blog. Well, this cannot be said about Drupal. It is extremely difficult to make out in it even with knowledge.
As a good alternative to WordPress, we can recommend CMS TYPO3 for lovers of newcomers. It’s free, easy to learn from scratch, but hard to rebuild from other systems.

Why WIX and Blogger Shouldn’t Be Used to Start Your Blog
WIX is a website builder for creating websites, including blogs, with limited administrator rights to the created content. A related SAAS blogging platform is Ucoz. UMI, InSales, Shopify and Setup are also SAAS, but for the store.

Blogger is a unique blogging platform with simplified administration. The blog on it can be synchronized with Google services through a Google account.

Can I create my blog on these platforms? Yes, you can. Would such a blog be easy to manage? Learn – it will be easy. Can such a blog be developed, optimized, promoted in search? It is extremely difficult.

The advantage of creating a blog on these and similar platforms is that they are free. If you’re completely at a loss for how to get started with starting your blog, it’s tempting to try your hand at the free platform.

For them, you don’t need to buy a domain and rent hosting. Within a minute, you have your “own” domain name, though the third level and tightly tied to this platform. But at the beginning of the journey you do not pay attention to it.

Over time, you realize that it is extremely difficult to develop a blog on such a platform, and it is not possible to make money at all. However, this is enough for someone, while a blog on LJ is enough for someone.

Your blog at WordPress.com
Much the same story, but with a possibly happier ending, with the free blogging platform wordpress.com. (there is a Russian branch).

On it you can create your blog for free, use the boxed administration set from CMS WordPress, change the design from a set of free templates, etc.

However, all this will be on a third-level domain without the possibility of blog development and difficulties with its promotion in search. Any movement towards the development of such a blog will require investments from you, which will cross out the very idea of ​​a free blog.


Create your blog on CMS WordPress

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CMS WordPress is a free program that you can download from the official website and install on any hosting of your choice under your pre-purchased domain.

The cost of buying a domain and renting hosting will be minimal. Before you will open not only ample opportunities for creating a blog, but also its development and complete control over its content.

CMS WordPress is very easy to learn and manage. Literature, tutorials and tutorials on WordPress are the most freely available.

The popularity of WordPress far exceeds all the platforms listed here and possible other platforms.



7 essential benefits of starting your WordPress blog

  1. First, the boxed version of the WordPress CMS is free.
  2. Secondly, it is perfectly translated into Russian.
  3. Thirdly, the commenting tool is present and configured in the system by default.
  4. Fourth, comments are not only perfectly customizable and manageable, but also cleaned of spam.
  5. Fifth, the system has a tool that allows you to blog with co-authors and editors.
  6. Sixth, there is a huge controlled archive of plugins to empower your blog. Now there are 56,328 plugins in the archive. Slightly fewer WordPress themes that change the look of your blog.
  7. Seventh, CMS WordPress is constantly evolving and will be in favor for many years to come.

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